Microsoft PowerPoint

    1. New Features
      1. New features from Microsoft
      2. PowerPoint Office 2007 Overview
    2. Tab Walk Through: What old...what's new?
      1. Once you have work figured out PowerPoint is a piece of cake!
    3. Add-Ins - Extras you can download and add in!
      1. Getting Started Tab for PowerPoint 2007: This add-in adds a Get Started tab to the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon. Commands on this tab give you easy access to free content on Office Online that helps you learn PowerPoint 2007 quickly.
    4. Demo Files - Download and Save to Your Desktop
      1. PowerPoint 2007 Demo: Add Colors, Fonts, and Effects with Themes
      2. PowerPoint 2007 Demo: Add Animation and Sound to text and Objects
      3. PowerPoint 2007 Demo: Add a Background to Your Presentation
      4. PowerPoint 2007 Demo: Add Slide Transitions to Your Presentation
    5. Additional Resources
      1. Help for PowerPoint 2007 from Microsoft
      2. PowerPoint Custom Guide -

Clip Art & Picture Resources

Phillip Martin Clip Art
Cartoon Clip Art
Free Clip Art
Kid's Image Search
Library of Congress Images

Background Templates

Office 2007 PowerPoint Templates

Brainy Betty - K -12 Free Templates

Sonia Coleman - some free, some premium


Math with PowerPoint

Granite School District Math Maps:

Resources for already created lessons and activities:

Other Resources
Word Problems for Kids -