cat_in_the_hat.JPGDr. Seuss Activities

Here are some resources to use this week to honor Dr. Seuss.
PBS Kids- Dr. Seuss Site - Videos, games and more. Link this site to your own webpage for use in your centers.

Green Eggs and Ham - Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board (you design to content)

Dr. Seuss Energizer (ppt file)
Use your own upbeat music

There is a good PowerPoint about his life and two different logic lineups using characters from his stories. The lower grade one is good for practicing the meaning of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Dr. Seuss Life History PowerPoint (ppt file)

Dr. Seuss Logic LineUp (Kinder and 1st grade) (ppt file)
Good to practice 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
Picture Cards for Lower Grade Logic LineUp (pdf file)

Dr. Seuss Login LineUp Upper Grades (ppt file)
Picture Cards for Logic Line Upper Grades (pdf file)

This is a fun glyph of the Cat in the Hat and a great movie file to learn how to draw Horton (there might be commercials).

Dr. Seuss Glyph PowerPoint (ppt file)
Cat in the Hat Picture for Glyph (pdf file)

How to draw Horton

New Video! (old one is no longer available)

Click pause during the instructions to give kids time to follow along and draw their own Horton.

How to draw Dr. Mary Lou La Rue from Horton

How to draw the Grinch - This site is a little different. You can slow down the drawing and go back to specific steps.
Other Fun Resources:

Seussville Website - Fun Activities

Mimio Activites (must have Mimio Studio Software)

Smart Activities (must have Smart Notebook Software)